3 Solid Reasons why the Whole World Needs to Legalize Drugs

3 Solid Reasons why the Whole World Needs to Legalize Drugs

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After decades of prohibition, marijuana has finally been declared legal in most parts of the world. Shocking as it may seem to most people, this fact has led to no major changes in the world. Recreational users continue to enjoy this weed, the same way they did when it was still illegal, and the medical community is finally starting to properly study this weed and its potential health benefits. However, there are countless drugs that are still illegal, and we need to look at the bigger picture and acknowledge the fact that they should in fact be legal. Keep on reading if you want to see how legal drugs could in fact benefit us all.

1. No more experimenting with unknown substances

Due to the fact that hallucinogenic drugs are illegal in most parts of the world, people who want to experiment new sensations turn to less known chemicals. Nowadays, you can buy designer drugs from countless online shops. These drugs are, basically modified pharmaceuticals. Due to their new molecular substances, there are no specific laws that cover them, so they are technically legal. Such is the case of 2-fdck which is based on the common ketamine. This substance is very popular due to its hallucinogenic effect. Although there have been no serious incidents related to this drug (that we know of), the fact is that it needs to be properly studied before being approved for human consumption. If recreational drugs were legal, substances like 2-fdck would need to be properly studied before being approved for consumption, to see how they interact with other substances, or under certain conditions. This way, the consumers could make informed decisions, instead of experimenting with unknown substances that could cause serious problems.

2. No more drug related violence

The battle between authorities and drug cartels is making a lot of victims on both sides, as well as collateral victims. Declaring drugs legal would call for organizing a safe and efficient system for producing and selling the drugs. This would lead to less violence, and it would even help the economy.

3. Take away the temptation of the forbidden fruit

Much of the appeal of illegal drugs comes from their forbidden fruit effect. A forbidden action is thrilling for most people, and let’s face it, we all want to rebel against the system. However, if you take away the forbidden factor, consuming drugs will become a mundane thing, which could in time lead to a decrease in drug consumption.

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