3 Things to Consider when Buying a Pedicure Chair for a Nail Salon

3 Things to Consider when Buying a Pedicure Chair for a Nail Salon

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Manicures and pedicures used to be services offered by all beauty salons. However, as this industry evolved, it is now very common to find salons that are dedicated solely to nail care. The main reasons why these salons are preferred by customers is due to the fact that they keep up with the latest nail design trends, and they use the most modern nail care equipment. The pedicure chair is perhaps the most important piece of equipment for such a salon, as its quality can make the pedicure experience more enjoyable for the customer. So, if you own a nail salon, you need to be very careful when buying this chair. Here are the main factors that you need to consider!

1. The manufacturer

As a rule of thumb, it is always advised to buy from a local manufacturer. This way, if the product breaks, you can easily find replacement parts. Moreover, the products produced in the USA tend to be of higher quality than the ones produced overseas. If you are looking for a recommendation, consider J&A USA. They have been on the market for over 10 years, and they are among the best pedicure chair manufacturers in the world. On https://www.jausainc.com/ you can find a wide variety of pedicure thrones, as well as other high quality spa equipment.

2. The features

The classic space for a pedicure used to be a normal armchair and a basin. However, modern pedicure thrones integrate a lot of fancy features, which can really make a difference, both for you and the customer. For example, a pipe-less system will help you sanitize the basin with less effort, and it will also keep the customer satisfied, knowing that they needn’t worry about bacteria and diseases. Many of these chairs also integrate different types of massage systems. Shiatsu and human touch massages are the ones that deliver the most relaxing experiences, so if you are going to buy a massage chair, make sure it integrates these functions.

3. The design

The pedicure chair is a rather bulky piece of equipment. Since it can’t pass unnoticed, it would be wise to choose a design that integrates your overall salon ambiance.  The chairs produced by J&A USA come in a wide variety of color options, so you will definitely find something that matches your salon on their website. These chairs can also be customized, so you can choose different colors for the basin, the base and the actual chair.

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