Can We Get A Tattoo If We Have Vitiligo?

Can We Get A Tattoo If We Have Vitiligo?

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Are you a tattoo lover with vitiligo planning to get a tattoo on your body? Are million questions running through your mind wondering whether to get a tattoo or not over the hypo-pigmented areas? You might be wondering whether tattooing will be safer to camouflage the vitiligo spots or worsen the condition altogether, aren’t you? If you answered positively to all these questions, read this post get answers to all your questions.

What Is A Tattoo?

A form of body modification where you get a design done by inserting pigments, ink, and dyes, either temporarily or indelibly, into your skin’s dermis layer to modify the pigment is a tattoo. Modern tattoo techniques and the inks which are utilized are safe for most skin types.

What Is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo, as it is known to all of us, is an autoimmune ailment where you happen to lose the color of your skin due to the destruction of melanin or defective melanin formation.

Many patients of vitiligo may get just a single spot and may not get more spots for many years or throughout their lifetime. Some patients may experience a rapid spread of the disease, as fast as ranging from one spot to hundreds, in a few months. It is not possible to predict the pace of spread.

The spread and progress of vitiligo depend on various factors such as:

  • Genetic link
  • Hormonal factors
  • Continued stress factors
  • Exposure to the chemicals
  • Koebner’s phenomenon (the occurrence of new de-pigmented spots on the areas after injury, bruising)

Vitiligo is more of a social disease than a medical disease. The presence of white spots or patches of vitiligo on the face or visible areas makes the patients feel embarrassed or shy about it. One has to learn to not to feel ashamed, depressed, or worried about how others will react to vitiligo. Therefore, people seek different options to deal with this skin condition like vitiligo treatment and also try to cover it up as much as possible.

Should You Go For A Tattoo If You Have Vitiligo?

If your vitiligo is active, i.e. you are getting new spots, old ones are getting larger, or spots appear when you damage or injure your skin, a tattoo might make it worse or cause the development of a new spot.

Many individuals with vitiligo prefer tattooing as a method for hiding their spots by inking designs completely covering their vitiligo spots. If new spots happen to develop after tattooing, it may end up ruining the skillfully designed artwork and thereby hasten the spread of disease. So, you need to think a lot before going for tattooing when you have vitiligo to avoid the aggravation of the disease.

Firstly, for those thinking of tattooing their skin with flesh tone, matching the tones as a means to soften the contrast between their natural skin tone and the distressed spots exactly can be almost impossible.

Secondly, if you have an active vitiligo, i.e. spots may get larger or increase in number over time, and you try to cover a spot with a natural skin tone and if the spot grows, a patch of discoloration or a ring is noticed around the tattoo area.

One has to consider the possibility that the process will make the patches expand beating the healing process. Also, the tattoo ink fades away with time.

Whether you are looking to fill in your patches, cover them up, or mask them with the addition of tattoo ink, it’s always best to seek doctor’s advice before getting a tattoo on your body when you have vitiligo.

Now that you know how tattooing can affect your vitiligo, make sure you visit a doctor to seek the right advice before you get your desired tattoo on your body to avoid the risk of aggravation of the disease. If you are looking for treatment options then opt for homeopathy treatment as it offers proven treatment for vitiligo.

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