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Most people don’t know the cost of dental services. The dental care cost varies substantially from crowns, veneers to teeth whitening. Each and every person’s case do vary in a certain situation. Here is pricing information on dental care:


Crowns are also known as caps since they are fixed on top of the natural teeth. Crowns help in supporting weak teeth due to injury or decay and protect further damage to the teeth.

Dental Crowns Melbourne is available in an extensive variety of dental materials, including precious materials, ceramic, porcelain bonded to the metal and precious metals. Current crowns are durable, strong, aesthetically pleasing and durable and aesthetically pleasing. Most people always prefer choosing ceramic dental crowns as they appear like natural teeth. Depending on the size of the crowns, and amount of preparation work for the crown the cost does vary a lot. You can expect a price range of $1400 to $1700 per crown.


Flaws affect confidence a lot, Veneers Melbourne is reasonably priced at Cosmetic Dentist Melbourne. They do offer effective treatment to transform your smile in a period of an hour. They are affordable than other types of veneers. They are used to solve different types of structural and cosmetic flaws like:

  • Enhancing the shape of the teeth.
  • Filling gaps between the teeth.
  • Supporting worn out surfaces.
  • Filling small cavities.

The price of veneers always varies from patient to patient depending on every patient’s needs. Although you can expect the service at a price range of $200 to $500.

Teeth Whitening

In Chair Whitening & Take-Home Whitening

This is the most common cosmetic dental treatment and it provides enhancement in the smile. White teeth have been associated with wealth, health and success since past. Currently, celebrities, models, and actors are associated with bright smiles. You don’t have to be a celebrity to have bright smiles since Dentists Melbourne offer great whitening treatments to achieve your dream look.

  • There are two types of whitening treatment i.e. in chair whitening or at home whitening. Whitening packages provided are given in the following packages:
  • For brides where there is a good discount.
  • Intensive Teeth Whitening Package. It includes two sessions of in chair whitening and three months session of use of take-home whitening kits


Missing teeth are replaced using dental bridges. A false tooth is used to cover both neighboring teeth. The traditional fixed bridge is the most universally used dental bridge. They help in restoring the function to the mouth and enhance your smiling confidence. The costs vary depending on the tooth to be replaced and also the bridge. The price range from $1400 to $5000.

Gum Disease and Gingivitis Treatment

The effects of gum, gingivitis and periodontal diseases are slowed done by periodontal treatments. The buildup of plaque and calculus result in gum and gingivitis disease. The symptoms of this diseases are red, swollen gums which are very sensitive when touched and subjected to bleeding. You have to find the Best dentist in Melbourne to diagnose your teeth disease.  If left untreated they can lead to pulling away of gums away from teeth and making gaps which open up for infection easily? The cost of the treatment depends on the severity of the disease. It can range from $195 to $350 per visit.

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