Do You Love Continental Cuisine? Bengaluru’s Best Restaurants to Savour Continental Treats

Do You Love Continental Cuisine? Bengaluru’s Best Restaurants to Savour Continental Treats

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Out of all the cuisines available, the most popular is Continental food. Irrespective of the country that you live in, the dishes offered in Continental cuisine are enjoyed by all.

The city of Bangalore houses many popular eateries. Whenever you feel like eating something fancy, it is generally the continental food that many think of. So, if you are a person who is fond of Continental food, then Bangalore offers multiple great places where you can satisfy your taste buds with delicious continental dishes.

Here are some of the best places that you must visit if you are looking forward to savouring some continental treats:

  1. Stories- Located at TMC Layout, Stories JP Nagar is one of those places where the Continental dishes are very delicious and popular. In addition to the Continental cuisine, this restaurant also offers rich flavours of the North Indian cuisine. The ambience of the place is very attractive and soothing. It also offers a rooftop seating arrangement where you can enjoy your meal under the night sky. For those who like alcohol, it also offers a wide range of drinks.
  2. Big Brewsky- Big Brewsky is a beautiful bistro that is located on Sarjapur Road. It offers multiple cuisines and is also known for the several types of beverages that it serves. It is the perfect place for you to chill out with your friends and family. The place serves North Indian, South Indian, Thai and Italian cuisine, but the most popular of them all is the Continental cuisine. The ambience is very eye catching and the entire place has been decorated with green plants that make it look close to nature. Along with the wooden furniture, it has a very pastoral look.
  3. The Druid Garden- Another great place to have Continental delicacies is The Druid Garden located at Sahakaran Road. It offers the guests with a casual dining setting with very quick service. In spite of the rush hours, the staffs make sure that you are not kept waiting for your meal and ensure that it arrives in as soon as possible. There is a separate area for the smokers so that they do not disturb the non-smoking people. Its decor makes the restaurant very elegant and classy. Apart from the high glass walls, attractive ceilings and lighting, it offers a great meal with no chance to complain.
  4. Yum- Dot. Yum is another casual café, which is very popular amongst the Bangaloreans. It is located in Whitefield and often crowded during weekends. It serves great Continental food and attracts a lot of crowd during breakfast hours. The restaurant also serves North Indian and Italian dishes. For those who enjoy smoking and drinking, it also offers a smoking area and serves the finest drinks available.

Continental cuisine is definitely the most sought after out of all. So, if you and your buddies are craving for some yummy Continental food, the above places are the ones that you must check out soon.

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