Everything You Wanted to Know about Holistic Dentistry

Everything You Wanted to Know about Holistic Dentistry

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A number of people are opting for holistic dentistry, while others are still unaware of the concept. In this post, we will try to understand the holistic approach to dentistry in detail.

The basics

Traditional dentistry is about treating and curing diseases of the teeth and gums. Holistic dentistry follows the same route, but with a holistic approach. Dentists, who follow this practice, are concerned about the overall health of the patient and their treatment is dependent on many factors. The concept comes from the fact that oral hygiene is related to wellness in many ways. Studies have revealed that many of the dental concerns may have a direct impact on many other conditions in the body. Holistic dentists will care about everything, right from dental care, treatments and gum diseases, to diet and nutrition. They often offer an extensive list of suggestions, which extends beyond brushing, flossing and other common things that are a part of dental care regimen.

What can you expect?

First things first, you have a find reliable clinic, such as http://www.nashvillerestorativedentistry.com. Before we talk about this, let’s start by understanding the approach of holistic dentists. On your first appointment, you can expect being asked for plenty of information. The dentist will want to know about every aspect and detail that concerns your health. He or she will also do an oral examination to find the possible dental issues, and after getting all the answers, he or she will try and establish a link between dental diseases and overall health factors. For treating cavities, holistic dentists don’t use standard mercury amalgam fillings, as mercury is toxic to the body even in small amounts.  Also, they don’t particularly recommend root canal therapy, as the chemicals used for sterilization can be toxic. In most cases, holistic dentists advise against using ingested fluoride, which has been linked to cancer.

Finding a holistic dentist

Recommendations can come handy, but a better idea is to look online. You will find a lot of relevant information on many websites, along with reviews from other patients. Make an appointment, so that you can discuss your concerns. You should also ask questions about their general approach to dentistry. Holistic dentists follow a list of dos and don’ts, and they will be happy to explain that to you. They often give great importance to the matter of biocompatibility testing. Holistic dentists believe that the materials placed in the mouth can affect the entire body, and they will test the concerned material before using it. Since they don’t use regular fillings, a lot of composite filling materials are also used. On your first appointment, you can expect to find a lot more about their work and overall experience.

Regardless of whether you believe in the concept or not, holistic dentistry makes much more sense today than ever before. Not all clinics practice with the same dedication, so it’s best to do some initial research. Also, take your time to find more details about the dentist and his experience with regards to traditional treatments.

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