Giving In To Rhinoplasty

Giving In To Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty is a form of reconstructive surgery for individuals who want to improve the functionality or appearance of their nose. Did you know that not every nose reconstruction is administered for purely aesthetic purposes?

The truth is that in a lot of cases, they are administered to repair damage caused by congenital disabilities, respiratory impediments or trauma. In this brief guide, prospective patients can learn several tips on how to be satisfied with the results of a nose reconstruction.

Do Your Research

Rhinoplasty surgery is a complicated medical procedure, and as such, patients should be well-informed about the process. Every rhinoplasty surgery is different and is customised to the individual’s anatomy and goals.

Rhinoplasty can be conducted through a tiny incision between the nostrils or inside the nose. The plastic surgeon will most likely readjust the bone and cartilage underneath the skin, altering it as needed. For a minor revision, he/she may use some cartilage from the ear or nose. If the individual’s requirements are more serious, the surgeon may use implants or bone grafts.

The procedure requires sedation with general or local anaesthesia, dependent on the nature of the procedure and the individual’s needs. Post-surgical recovery involves internal dressings, bed rest and in some cases a splint.

Set Realistic Expectations

Rhinoplasty results can be dramatic or subtle, depending on the individuals desired results. Some want a reduction, and others wish to have an enhancement. Some request changes such as; injury correction, nostril resizing or bump removal.

A rhinoplasty procedure can be customised to address a wide range of concerns and can help individuals find new confidence and self-esteem. In saying that, not all changes are suitable for everyone.

Each patient’s nasal proportions and facial features will determine which changes are right for their needs. An individual’s expectations must have their current features in mind in order to achieve a natural-looking result from Rhinoplasty surgery.

To help you along the way, do some research and look online to see rhinoplasty before and after images at Shire Cosmetic and search for photos of past patients who had similar nose issues to yours for more insight into the capabilities of the surgeon and rhinoplasty in general.

Ask about Options

Before a consultation with a plastic surgeon, some individuals are under the impression that their only option is an extensive and expensive rhinoplasty revision. However, other options are available that involve quicker recovery times and lower costs. A surgeon can inject dermal fillers into the nose to hide irregularities, even if their located on the tip or bridge of the nose.

Temporary fillers such as calcium hydroxyapatite or hyaluronic acid can permit patients to try a new look to see if it’s right for them.

Have a Good Reason for Rhinoplasty

While there are several reasons to get a nose job, patients need to do it for the right reasons. Many individuals have rhinoplasty surgery to change their looks or to improve a medical condition, and both of these are all excellent reasons.

However, wanting a nose job because someone else persuades you, is never a great idea. Ensure that you consult with a skilled and experienced surgeon and set realistic expectations and goals.

Choose an Experienced Surgeon

The success of a rhinoplasty surgery depends significantly on the plastic surgeon administering it.

Choosing an experienced and credited surgeon, can decrease the risk of side effects and complications as well as, increasing an individual’s chances of a successful outcome.

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