Hair Restoration for Women Today Does Not Involve Surgery

Hair Restoration for Women Today Does Not Involve Surgery

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It can be alarming to see your hair recede, or find bald spots on your scalp, especially if you are a woman. Women can lose their hair for various reasons. Whilst some women experience hair loss that is hormonal, other women go through stresses or take medications that lead to hair loss. Other women lose their hair due to their genetic makeup or the aging process. However, you need not feel discouraged as your hair can be restored without the need for surgery.

Restoring the Hair without Surgery

One of the ways this can be done is through a bespoke system. This system allows a technician to affix a mesh fabric to a woman’s head, either using the client’s existing hair, or through the use of surgical tapes. The tapes are used for women who have experienced total hair loss.

This type of process is performed in three steps. As noted above, a durable yet adaptable mesh is attached to the client’s scalp. The technician threads strands of the client’s hair through the mesh material. The mesh is then secured by the use of tools and the client’s existing hair. Glue or heat is not used for this innovative process as either can damage the hair.

Why Heat or Glue Should Not Be Applied

Some systems that are comparable use complex braiding methods along with glue or heat to secure the mesh material to a woman’s head. However, as noted above, when heat or glue is applied for women’s hair restoration in Manchester, it is not advised. Since the hair is so fragile, the application of glue or heat can result in even a greater loss of hair.

However, when a system is used that does not depend on heat or glue, excellent results can be achieved. That is why, if you have a hair loss problem, it is essential you review the steps used for treatment. When heat or glue are not used, human hair can be used and added to the mesh material. During this step, small sections of hair are applied to mimic the movement of natural hair strands.

Including a Centrepiece

If necessary, a centrepiece is applied to provide a parting. This makes it possible for a woman to style her hair restoration as she would style her own natural hair. What’s more, the base of the centrepiece can hardly be discerned from the parting of the scalp.

When this type of restoration is applied, the technician will recommend what texture and hair type is best for the client. Therefore, clients are not restricted to using their original or current hair colour. As a result, you can transform the way you look with special effects, such as lowlights and highlights.

Naturally, just like your real hair, this type of enhancement is not complete unless it is cut and styled. Stylists who are trained in this technique provide you with the type of look you did not believe was possible. If you have a hair loss problem, you need not despair. Today’s innovative systems can help you make the most of your condition, and greatly enhance your looks.

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