Invisalign Bowie

Invisalign Bowie

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Our appearance says a great deal about ourselves and our teeth can speak volumes.  Having straight teeth can make a person’s smile brighten a room, but not if your teeth are covered by clunky metal braces.  Invisalign is a new system that allows for clear, molded trays that gradually straighten your teeth.  The trays are fully removable and barely noticeable when worn.  There are several benefits of the Invisalign in Bowie system compared to traditional braces and we will take a look at just a few of the biggest advantages.


Because the Invisalign system is not permanent, the trays can be removed to eat.  This means that you do not have to restrict your diet to foods that could potentially damage traditional metal braces.  Additionally, by being able to remove your Invisalign system you will be able to better clean in and around your teeth.  It can be very difficult to clean your teeth properly with metal braces.  Food and debris can get caught in difficult places to reach and can eventually lead to stained teeth.  Further, because the Invisalign system does not have any metal components, there is no danger that your wires could snap or break and injuring you.

Monitor Progress

Both braces and the Invisalign system are able to handle serious dental cases, tackling even the most crooked teeth.  With the Invisalign system though, it is much easier to monitor progress.  This is because the trays are clear and completely removable.  With the Invisalign system you are required to go to the orthodontist less too.  Typically, Invisalign patients are required to see the orthodontist only every 4-6 weeks.  There are also ways to monitor compliance with the Invisalign system to ensure that the patient is wearing the trays for the correct amount of time.

Self Esteem

While both traditional braces and the Invisalign system are covered by insurance, studies show that teens wearing the Invisalign system feel a boost in self-esteem compared to those wearing traditional metal braces.  Imagine, no more school pictures with bulky, metal braces impeding an otherwise perfect smile.  Additionally, for those adults wanting a straighter smile, the clear Invisalign system may work better for professional atmospheres.

The benefits of the Invisalign system far outweigh those of traditional braces.  Between the flexibility, cleanliness, and appearance you can’t beat what Invisalign has to offer.  If you are looking at starting with Invisalign, Bowie has plenty of orthodontists that can help.  Our orthodontist practice has 4 locations that can help with Invisalign, Bowing being one of them.  Please feel free to call to schedule a consulting appointment to learn how Invisalign can help give you a straighter, perfect smile.

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