Massage Tips – How and when Much

Massage Tips – How and when Much

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Just how much to tip a massage counselor could be a confusing factor. On a single hands you will find the health spa massage counselor that may be make the same group as nail technicians and hairstylists. Another group is sports massage therapists and medical massage therapists. Typically individuals this sort of profession don’t receive strategies for their professional services. Lastly, what if you’re not in the U . s . States? Different countries have different customs. For instance, Canada reimburses its citizens for massage, thus massage is viewed more as medical service versus a pampering service.

Here are listed the fundamental rules of methods to tip a massage counselor:

Table Massage Tips Fundamental Rules

Massage counselor inside a health spa or outcall massage (at the location) – 10-20% from the total bill.

Massage counselor inside a medical atmosphere, for example Chiropractor, etc. – normally no tipping*.

Chair Massage Tips Fundamental Rules

Chair massage that’s compensated through the customer – 10-20% from the total bill

Chair massage compensated by a company or trade event – normally no tipping*.

*Should you choose wish to tip, ask exactly what the establishment’s guidelines are. Tipping might be from the company’s policies or they may not mind. Each scenario is different.

Let’s say you won’t want to tip?

The best to the suggestions above happens when a person does not wish to tip and it is not really a reflection around the services they received. Customers possess a to not tip because tipping is really a courtesy. Many massage therapists I understand are grateful for tips and do not expect them. Tipping, and just how much, is ultimately the choice from the customer.

Beware Hidden Tips

Lastly, a thing of caution in lots of tourist areas, a health spa or salon will prove to add some advice towards the bill for that customer – without asking! It is really an automatic process at a multitude of locations. Then, since the customer is unaware of this, the client will prove to add some advice towards the bill not realizing they are double tipping! It is really an unfortunate reality that massage customers have to safeguard themselves from.

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