Top Things You Need To Know About Orthodontic Care!

Top Things You Need To Know About Orthodontic Care!

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Not everyone has the perfect smile, but with advancements in dental science, it is possible to correct most flaws. Orthodontics is a special branch or subspecialty of dentistry that deals with misaligned, crooked and crowded teeth. An orthodontist has special advanced training in correcting such problems, and contrary to popular belief, they know and do much more than offering braces. In this post, we will discuss about things that orthodontists do, along with tips and suggestions for selecting the right clinic in your area.

Why see an orthodontist?

Yes, most people visit an orthodontist to get braces, but more often than not, patients also seek treatment for malocclusion or a bad bite. Orthodontists can help in finding the special problems and can straighten teeth, so that the teeth fit aptly to avoid unnecessary strain on the gums. In most cases, braces are used as an immediate solution, but orthodontists also use aligners/trays and even headgear, so as to make ‘teeth move’. As required, they may use retainers, as well, so as to hold the teeth in position. Many people don’t know about orthodontic care and the need for the same, until their regular dentist recommends the same. Orthodontists generally have a regular degree in dentistry that involves a full-time course of four years, after which they need to complete specialized studies in orthodontic care for around three years (two years in some parts of the world).

Finding an orthodontist

Generally, dentists have a fair idea of orthodontic care, and they may offer basic relief from pain, if any. However, for most complicated cases and conditions, they will refer the case to an orthodontist. If you are just interested in straightening your teeth, or want to improve your bite, you can look for an orthodontist in your area online. A better idea is to talk to your regular dentist, who can offer suggestions for known clinics like Alternatively, check online, as most clinics have their website these days. When you visit an orthodontist, you need to be as transparent as possible, and since most of the treatments don’t involve any pain, you shouldn’t be worried about the experience either.

Do not ignore the signs of pain, gum discomfort, and inflammation, because in the long run, it can lead to gum diseases and tooth decay. Teeth that overlap each other can be hard to clean, which eventually leads to the consequent dental problems.

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