Why Should Every Kitchen Have an Electric Rice Cooker?

Why Should Every Kitchen Have an Electric Rice Cooker?

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Cooking rice might seem easy, but cooking the perfect rice is actually a really difficult to do. Even the best of the best end up making over cooked or under cooked rice. If you want to make sure that the rice you make for your next office party or home gathering is absolutely perfect, you should definitely have an electric rice cooker in your kitchen. If absolutely perfect rice isn’t going to convince you, here are a few reasons why an electric rice cooker is a must have kitchen appliance:

  1. Different Variety of Food Can be prepared:

It’s not just rice that is prepared using an electric rice cooker. It is also a steamer which means the appliance can cook delicious soup, momos, dalia and steamed vegetables as well. You can prepare a healthy snack anytime of the day using an electric cooker with little to no extra work. One appliance can make a variety of steamed food and all you do is sit back and enjoy the meals.

  1. Single Click Pre-Program Settings:

An electric rice cooker has pre-program settings that allow you to make steamed food easily. You just need to put the ingredients in with the water to steam and you would have delicious cooked meals ready to serve.

  1. An option to keep your food fresh and warm:

When you use an electric rice cooker, you don’t have to worry about reheating your food. Each electric rice cooker comes with an option to keep your food warm and fresh for long durations. Because of this you don’t reheat your food and spoil the delicious goodness of fresh food. This is mainly useful at parties as generally not all the people eat food at the same time.

  1. Even heat distribution:

When you use normal cookers to cook and steam your rice, it is possible that you end up overcooking the rice at the centre and undercooking the rice in the corners. When it comes to an electric rice cooker, it uses an efficient induction heating. Because of this the cooker can have precise temperature control and an even distribution of heat for each and every corner of the container. Due to this the rice gets perfectly cooked and that too quicker than normal cooking.

  1. Function for Delayed Start:

Sometimes you may have time to prepare the ingredients, but no time to cook. In that case, you can just set a delayed start option. Prepare your ingredients and put them in the container and set a timer. The appliance would automatically start the process of steaming your food at the time that you had selected. This way you can cook at your own convenience.

  1. No Wastage and Easy Serving:

When you cook in a pressure cooker, you have to pour the entire rice into a serving bowl before you can actually start serving. During this, it is highly probable that you get a steam burn or end up wasting food. The intricate designs of electric rice cookers allow you to detach the power cord and use the grip handle to easily carry the stylish home cooker and serve directly from it.

All these features and specifications are bound to make you realize that an electric rice cooker is an essential part of your kitchen.

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