Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – Aug 2 Week

1. States With The Highest Death Rates From Excess Alcohol

From cancers to car accidents and heart disease, excessive alcohol use is tied to a broad range of deadly incidents and conditions. ( )

2. Cannabidiol Studied As Potential Treatment For Cannabis Use Disorder

Abstinence from cannabis is increased with daily oral doses of cannabidiol 400 mg and 800 mg versus placebo.

( )

3. Pandemic Fuels Rise In Drug-Related Deaths

In Arizona, there’s been a recent uptick in drug overdoses. There were 463 deaths reported in March, and throughout the summer the number of deaths per month has remained higher than most month-to-month totals in 2018. ( )

4. Many Deaths Labeled ‘cardiac Arrest’ Could Be Drug Ods

Americans have long known that there’s an epidemic of opioid abuse and deaths in the United States. But a new report suggests the true extent of these tragedies has been underestimated. (

5. Ccsa’s Covid-19 Resource Section Has What You Need To Know About The Impacts Of Covid-19 On Substance Use.

CCSA is the go-to place in Canada for trusted information on COVID-19 and substance use. We have put together a suite of resources from websites and organizations from around the world, as well as publications from our own experts. (

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