Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – July 4 Week

1. Adults With Pain at Increased Risk For Cannabis Use Disorder

The increased risk for frequent nonmedical cannabis use among individuals with pain was elevated when comparing between surveys in the 2 time periods. (

2. Unexpected Associations Found Between Drug Response and Cell Changes in Brain Cancer

July 14, 2020 — Therapies for treating glioblastoma brain cancer can be delivered with greater precision and existing drugs can be used in new ways. These are the conclusions from a stud investigating a large number. (

3. Covid-19 Special: The Addiction Surge

Called by some the pandemic within the pandemic, substance abuse and addiction have soared around the world in line with the coronavirus spread. (

4. Addiction Recovery Remains Critical And Available — During The Pandemic

Even during this global pandemic, the Trilogy Recovery Community is offering help for those struggling with addictions. The nonprofit organization provides recovery support services for youth and adults trying to overcome problems with alcohol and drugs. (

5. The study examines how to help with problem gambling

With the lure of online gambling high during COVID-19 lockdowns—and SA gambling venues now reopening—partners and families of problem gamblers may be the first to see a problem emerging. (

John Lewis

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