Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – July 5 Week

1. Efficacy Of Bundled HIV, HCV Testing For People With Substance Abuse Disorders Examined

By providing bundled HIV and HCV testing, substance use disorder treatment programs may create increased awareness of infection status among people with substance abuse disorders. (

2. FDA Tells Doctors To Discuss Overdose Antidote With Patients

Doctors who prescribe opioid painkillers should tell their patients about a potentially life-saving medication that can reverse drug overdoses, according to new federal guidelines issued Thursday. (

3. Australia Sends Emergency Medical Teams To Coronavirus-Ravaged Nursing Homes

Aged care homes are at the center of Australia’s worst outbreak in Melbourne, with 804 active COVID-19 cases linked to homes across the larger Victoria state, including workers. (

4. One Million Quit Smoking During UK Covid-19 Lock-Down

More than 1 million smokers in the UK may have quit during the COVID-19 pandemic. The charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) reported that 41% of people who quit smoking between March and July said they had quit in response to COVID-19. A report from researchers at University College London (UCL) also suggested that more people have quit smoking since the beginning of 2020 than during the same time in any other year since their Smoking Toolkit Study began in 2007. (

5. Australia And New Zealand Introduce Health Warnings About Drinking In Pregnancy

The Australian and New Zealand governments have announced that warning labels, outlining the dangers of drinking while pregnant, must be prominently displayed on bottles of alcoholic drinks. The legislation has been criticized by alcohol industry representatives, who argue the costs incurred will be considerable. Manufacturers will have 3 years to implement the new requirements. (

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