An overview about bone marrow transplant

An overview about bone marrow transplant

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An important aspect of human life is a bone marrow. They exist in a couple of forms, red and yellow. Nearly 100 % of bone marrow at the time of birth falls into the red category. The red would convert into yellow with the passage of time. In flat bones you are likely to find them. In the ribs, breast bones etc. the flat bones are found. If a severe condition of blood loss is encountered the body does possess the ability to convert yellow into red so as to increase the blood production. Always consider the BMC cost in India because it stands to be lowest among all the developing nations.

A couple of procedures could emerge with bone marrow that anyone can go on to develop. The diseases of the bone marrow can emerge from malignancy or an infection. The malignancy is also known as cancer. The other type of disease associated with bone marrow is tuberculosis. It would lead to a decrease in the production of blood cells and platelets. The cancer that takes place in the bone marrow of a human being is known as blood cancer. In order to diagnose the exact causes of this disorder the doctor is going to perform a bone marrow aspiration. In medical terms it is known as biopsy. The site is usually at the back or the hip bone. During the test the doctor is going to check out for any infection of the bone marrow.

The only viable treatment for blood cancer is a transplant. It can be only undertaken if you come across a matching donor. The moment you insert the bone marrow on to the body of a patient if it appears to be successful, the infused cells will contribute to the production of new blood cells. Having said so the transplant is the final resort for a patient who is suffering from blood cancer. In most of the cases you can treat it with radiation or chemotherapy.

The diseases of the bone marrow cannot be preventive but they can be treated.

How can you donate your bone marrow for money

Most of you would be familiar with the concept of bone marrow for donations. Most times the procedure takes place among the family members without any compensation involved. But with the increase in quality of bone marrow, banks have gone on to pay for quality bone marrow. Most of them prefer to obtain a healthy bone marrow from individuals who are in the age bracket of 18 to 60 years. You can go on to donate your bone marrow today.

Requirements to become a bone marrow donor.

Not each one of us can go on to become a bone marrow donor. It is suggested that you undertake a research and learn everything about the topic of bone marrow transplant. Be aware that there are some risks in the procedure referred to as bone marrow aspiration.

Ideally you need to be in the age bracket of 18 to 60 years and possess a BMI of less than 40. You need to be in sexually good space and not having to go on to donate blood in the last couple of months. More details can be obtained from the internet.

Be aware of the facts as individuals may have to bear the costs involved in case of tissue typing. It is a type of test where your bone marrow is going to be matched with that of a donor. The costs of the tests could shoot up a bit higher. In addition another round of tests may be conducted to certify whether you are not going to suffer from any infectious or genetic disorders that can pass over to the receiver

The procedure of bone marrow

There are a couple of procedures with bone marrow. One of the processes is going to cause a lot of pain over the other. The basic procedure involves collection of blood cells from your blood directly. The stage by stage explanation of the process is depicted as follows

Planning ahead

One has to take into consideration their plans along with personal issues so that you can go on to pay considerable attention to the process of recovery.


The core feature of development is that you need to prepare a donor for transplant and this can be if you are the donor or someone else.


The moment both you along with the donor is ready for transplant, the doctor is then going to start off the conditioning regime. It means you are going to receive radiation, chemotherapy so that the cancer cells are killed off in the unhealthy bone marrow


The process of transplant is going to take place once the conditioning regime is over.

Engraftment and waiting for the process to take place

This is basically the process where you go on to receive stem cells from a donor and it starts to develop and grow. It means that the bone marrow and the immune system are recovering. At this juncture you are going to be monitored closely for any side effects or complications that could arise. The transplant team along with the caretaker are going to support you at an emotional level.

After engraftment phase of recovery.

Once an allogeneic transplant is over an initial phase of recovery would be just around for 3 months and for an autologous transplant it would be at the most a single month. The patient will be under strict observation and regular blood tests would be conducted.

Recovery on a long term basis

After an allogeneic transplant you need to be at the hospital for a long time for a recovery program. Long term resources are to be provided that would contribute to the process of recovery at a faster pace. They are going to sit and discuss with you’re the process of evaluation. If it is the other type of transplant there is not going to be any major issues.

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