Burn More Calories: Exercise to Lose Weight Faster

Burn More Calories: Exercise to Lose Weight Faster

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A well-balanced diet and daily workout are the two major areas one need to concentrate for losing excess weight. Both are equally important. While a balanced diet does not allow calories to store in your body, exercise burn your unhealthy fat and make you slim and healthy. But if we compare the two, exercise help you to reduce weight faster than a balanced diet. This is because, it improves the blood circulation, improves the metabolism, and enhances your stamina and strength.

Why Should You Start Exercise Today?

It is not only about losing weight. Exercise can also help you in the following ways:

  • Increases the level of happiness
  • Teaches you to set and achieve goals
  • Lowers the risk of heart diseases
  • Improves your sleep quality
  • Increases energy level and flexibility
  • Improves memory
  • Gives you self-confidence

The following 8 exercises can help you in rapid weight loss. Let’s read about all the exercises one by one:

  1. Interval Training

Have you ever heard about ‘Interval Training’? Well, it is one of the best workouts to lose weight quickly and thus highly recommended by health experts. It is basically a perfect blend of high-intensity exercise and low recovery periods. Studies show that performing these two alternately help you burn more calories and also increase your fitness.

So how to get most out of interval training? What should be the duration of each activity and how long should the recovery be? That’s the best thing about this workout. There are no set rules for it. Different length and recovery time have their own benefits. Try to include the following plans to your gym routine at least once a week:

  • Cardio Blaster
  • Speedplay
  • Cardio-Sprint Pyramid

                2. Weight Training

Weight training is another excellent way to lose weight. Whether you are overweight or obese, it is an excellent option to burn fat and build a muscular body. Studies have found that lifting weight can improve your metabolism. It means your body burn more calories even when your body is not working out. That is the uniqueness of weight training.

Moreover, as you build some muscles and increase strength, you can go harder next time by increasing the weight slightly.  This will help you to get more of each workout sessions. You can keep an eye on your weight with weight loss trackers. But if you want to start weight training, make sure that you are getting proper guidance from a personal trainer. Because weight training will only work if you are doing it properly.

  1. Boot Camp

Although there is ‘camp’ word in it, this weight loss exercise does not actually involve ‘camping’. This exercise includes various activities like running or jogging, chin-ups, resistance training, sit-ups, and push-ups. This enhance all aspects of fitness within a short period of time. Most of the exercises performed in a boot camp require minimum equipment.

It basically uses your own body weight as resistance like in lunges and push-ups. Studies have found that if a person indulge in boot camp weight loss exercise and perform it 3 to 4 times a week, chances are the person can loss up to 15 to 20 pounds in one month.

  1. Boxing

Do think that boxing is only for tough people and powerful cage fighters? Well, you are wrong! This beneficial punch-and-jab sport is highly effective for everyone, especially for people looking for weight quick weight loss. This powerful workout delivers great results in strength training as well as calorie burning. Constant motion is the base of boxing.

From ducking and dodging to punching and jabbing, the body constantly move with great energy. This high-intensity workout increases the heart rate and thus, you burn calories. Fitness experts believes that one boxing class, meant to lose weight, can help you burn in between 600 to 800 calories and that too within 45 minutes.

  1. Running

People usually choose gym first when they want to lose weight. But you have even a better and cheaper way – running! Alongside a weight loss diet plan, this workout can be extremely beneficial for overweight and obese people. Running is a full body exercise and one of the most vigorous workouts you can go for.

So, running is undoubtedly an efficient way to burn unhealthy fat and shed pounds. If you have started running, you may find that you are often hungry. Don’t worry! That is normal. It simply means your body need more fuel to balance your workout. All you need to do is to include healthy and high-fiber food in your diet.

  1. CrossFit

CrossFit is a part of exercise program for more than a decade. But in last couple of years, the exercise technique has gained massive popularity in countries like the United States. This workout has designed to increase fitness as well as strength by providing new challenges constantly. Rather than just performing the same exercises again and again, CrossFit gives you variety by adding more weight, or repetitions.

This new exercise method has gained so much popularity, many individuals often think about its effectiveness. The reality is, CrossFit not only promote healthy weight loss, but also enhance the function of your body. But always remember, do not perform this workout on your own. You need to join a CrossFit gym with trained coaches. It is necessary because they can help you lower the risk of injuries.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is considered as one of the best workouts to lose weight. It is completely different from other workouts because other exercises only work on body, but what yoga does is that it improves all the three major dimensions that governs the body – mid, body and soul. It creates a balanced between these three to make you both physically and mentally stronger. It is one of the most safe and effective weight loss methods.

Yoga consists of hundreds of asanas (poses) and all the asanas have their own benefits. But all of them also have a common benefit. All these yoga poses improve functionality of the organ, which strengthens the metabolism. This helps you lose weight and make you healthy. Also, yoga reduces the stress hormone that promotes binge eating.

  1. Swimming

This exercise may not be as easy to learn as other exercises in this list, but it is certainly as effective as others. Do you know the best thing about swimming?It can reduce your weight, tone your body, and strengthens your muscles without putting any pressure on your joints.

That is why, it is so beneficial in long term. Studies have found that people between 150 to 155 pounds can burn more than 500 calories by swimming for an hour. Different strokes like windmill arm motion, dolphin-like kick, butterfly stroke, etc. burn different number of calories.

You can try the above-mentioned exercises to lose weight faster. All these exercises have their own benefits and it may vary from person to person. So, need to try all these workouts and identify which one suits you.

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