Crack Addiction Stories

Crack Addiction Stories: An Overview of Crack Addiction

There’s a song that says people are strange when you’re a stranger. Does this speak about the impending problem among the young right now? It all begins with not being able to fit in a crowd or not being able to follow the existing fad within a certain group. If they don’t blend in, they’re considered as “strangers.” What are they supposed to get into to be able to blend in? They usually try one drug called Crack. This is a street name for Cocaine. It is known under many aliases such as Coke, Coca, Flake, Rocks, Snow, Charlie and Sniff.

Crack can be in crystal form or in powder and it is categorized as powdered hydrochloride cocaine. The street name was derived from the crackling sound Cocaine makes when the crystallized form is heated on an aluminum spoon or foil. It is inexpensive and widely available in the streets and also bears the following names: Coke, Coca, Flake, Rocks, Snow, Charlie, and Sniff.

Depending on how one uses it, crack addiction happens to be the hardest kind of dependence a person would choose to have since letting go of it is such a hard habit to break. It sucks the entire life force of a person due to its severe effect on the body. There are some young men and women who have brilliantly shielded themselves with a way to disguise their Crack addiction to their parents. If you are a loved one, friend or even a kind-hearted acquaintance, there are still some cocaine crack symptoms and signs that will help you spot a person with Crack addiction.  They are:

• Burn marks on mouth and hands
• Dilation of pupils
• Irritability
• Hallucinations – hearing invisible voices or sounds
• Teeth grinding
• Rapid speaking
• Hyperactivity
• Sleeplessness
• Heightened sexual drive

I hope these Crack Addiction Stories help. And here you can find one more recovery story of Verna which will help you to recover from the addiction.

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