Dabbing to Administer Medicinal Cannabis – What do you Need to Know?

Dabbing to Administer Medicinal Cannabis – What do you Need to Know?

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Cannabis extraction in the form of oil, wax (a substance which is familiar to honey), “budder” (sticky substance) or shatter (a kind of hard substance which glass) is used in dabbing. These substances can also be called oil by extraction of butane gas. By using a powerful heat source, the BHO is heated, and the released steam is inhaled. This method resembles vaporization, another method of medicinal administration

Dabbing Versus Smoking Cannabis

The distinct difference that can be seen between smoking cannabis and the use of a concentrate lies in its purity. The flowers or buds of very effective cannabis strains comprises approximately thirty percent of active substance of cannabinoids. In addition, the marijuana buds also contain a quantity of plant material in which there are almost no cannabinoids. This plant material has little medicinal value, does not favor the health of the body and stresses the lungs. Finally, tobacco smoking is often used to smoke cannabis, whose h,ealth risks are well known.

However, these health problems can be avoided with a wide variety of alternatives, such as, for example, processing cannabis in beverages or using a vaporizer to evaporate the active substances. Dabbing is among the healthiest forms of cannabis use and, among all inhalation alternatives, is the purest form.

Nowadays, a series of advanced instruments and equipment are used. When dabbing first became in vogue, a hot knife was the only thing that was used. Today, a series of advanced instruments and equipment are used, including a special bong (a kind of water pipe which can be referred to as a tower or rig) for dabbing. On this bong species, a small tube-shaped element called “nail” is placed. Usually this piece is made out of glass, ceramic or even titanium. The nail is heated with a powerful butane lighter, blowtorch or the recent enail. Next, the user has to put a bit of BHO on the nail or on a small metal skillet. Once the steam is released, it is sucked through the pipe. The dabbing method prevents the whole BHO from burning.

The Benefits of Dabbing

Utilizing a vaporizer or smoking doesn’t release the efficient effect which dabbling does. This has placed dabbling at a preferred angle for victims of chronic or acute pain, and intense nausea because its effectiveness is direct. However, achieving similar feet by smoking or vaporizer is quite impossible.

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