Does homeopathy help to treat Leucorrhea?

Does homeopathy help to treat Leucorrhea?

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Leucorrhea is the milky white discharge from the woman’s vagina that may be caused due to the various reasons, one major reason being the imbalance of the hormone estrogen in a woman’s body. The flow may increase or be even more severe if it’s because of an infection or STD. With time the discharge might start to smell very odd and pungent, it may cause a woman to feel uncomfortable and so it is very important to seek the right treatment of leucorrhea.

When it comes to Leucorrhea treatment. Homeopathy has a lot to offer, Lets discuss how homeopathy can help treat leucorrhea

The homeopathic approach may be an effective solution to implement but we need to understand that it may have its own limitation and hence, visiting the doctors and informing him about the treatments taken is very important.

The homeopathic approach to treating leucorrhea involves a holistic vision to ensure the patient does not suffer from any type of anxiety or lack of self-esteem due to the medical condition they are facing as this kind of condition may cause a woman to suffer from confidence issues. This kind of effective treatment mixes medicine with a sense of stabilizing mental health that helps them cope with the situation gets better.

  • Sepia Officinalis: this is one of the most effective medicines for leucorrhea especially advised to women going through menopause. It also helps ease the itching sensation in and around the vaginal region caused due to leucorrhea
  • Alumina: It helps get rid of the strong odd smelling discharge from the vagina and also helps treat the burning sensation in the vulva
  • Calcarea carbonica: This is proven very effective when the discharge gets so serious that it gets worse due to extraction and urination
  • Kreosote: very few medicines have the potential to battle the discharge as creosote. it helps treat the discharge when a woman’s menstrual cycle makes things worse
  • Natrum Muriaticum: Helps best when the thick yellowish liquid gets worse with even light physical activity such as walking or strolling
  • Borax/Bor: Used to clean up the flow when it is in heavy amounts
  • Mercurius or Merc: Helps treat the swelling and the itching of the vaginal area. Thus is suggested for women with excessive discharge of yellow and pus like liquid from the vagina
  • A Nutritious diet: A diet rich with food holding vitamin a, b, c, e, magnesium and zinc are very effective in maintaining overall health thus aid fighting symptoms of leucorrhea
  • Plenty of water : Plenty of water and juice intake ensures that any type of urinary tract infection wont spread to the vagina or cervix

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