For that Very best in Healthy Skin Care, Turn to Honey

For that Very best in Healthy Skin Care, Turn to Honey

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Everyone has heard about her – Nefertiti. As Queen from the Earth, she would be a ‘spokes-model’ for that ancient Egyptians. As matriarch of natural splendor and skincare, Nefertiti established the healthy skin care fundamentals – honey. Honey was the main of her healthy skin care regime. Yes, you’ve heard that right. Honey, the thick and slimy items that bees make and also the items that we spread on pancakes, was the primary skin anti wrinkle cream that stored Cleopatra’s skin youthful and radiant. What’s this about honey which makes it great for your skin?

Moisturizer and Antioxidant

You might not know this. Honey is really a primary component in healthy skin care in ancient occasions, in villages which is broadly used today. Exactly why is honey used? Scientists and scientific study has discovered that honey is definitely an antioxidant. Antioxidants safeguard your skin in the sun which in turn causes scare tissue, premature ageing, as well as cancer!

Honey, an all natural moisturizer, attracts and maintains water. When utilized as a facial mask or perhaps a bath, honey moisturizes your skin. Have you got sensitive skin? Then using honey in your skincare regime is perfect for you because it is soothing and doesn’t irritate your skin.

Strategy to Acne

Honey is definitely an anti-microbial agent. It prevents bacteria growth. Exactly why is honey a great anti-microbial agent? Honey, full of sugar content, limits water amount open to bacteria. Bacteria need nitrogen to develop. It’s low protein content and acidity level that deprives the bacteria of nitrogen. The anti-microbial agent in honey causes it to be a great strategy to acne flare-ups. Unlike a number of other acne products or treatments, it doesn’t result in the skin dry.

Strategy to Skin Disorders

A current research and focus done in the Bastyr Center for Natural Health has shown that a combination of honey, beeswax and essential olive oil relieve skin psoriasis and eczema signs and symptoms connected. 80% from the participants with eczema who required part within the study had great enhancements. They reported significant reductions within the signs and symptoms – itching, oozing and scaling by using this natural treatment.

Honey, that has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial qualities, reduces scarring and discomfort. It accelerates wound healing. Both honey and essential olive oil contain flavonoids, which protects cells and hinder histamines – an ailment which in turn causes allergy symptoms. Bastyr’s combination of honey, beeswax and essential olive oil, is an efficient skincare cream for scrapes, small cuts and abrasions.

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