Gender Specific Drug Rehab

Each individual has different needs, experiences, and lifestyles, and for this reason, drug rehab has made an acclimation to accommodate each kind of individual. Gender-specific programming is designed specifically to address the social, psychological, and physical needs of certain genders.  This kind of drug rehab is especially good for women and men who have experienced traumatic events with the opposite gender and may find it harder to open up in front of other members of that gender.  Find out why this is so important and if it’s right for you.

Gender-specific drug rehab has an invaluable feature in the fact that individuals are surrounded by members of their own gender who can identify with them on more subjects than just addiction. For gender-specific drug rehab, women are healing with other women, and men are dealing with other men, creating what may turn out to be a stronger bond in group counseling, allowing each individual to open up more about weaknesses, traumatic events, and their own personal recovery.

Often, gender-specific programming will offer activities that focus on the gender group they treat,  For example, women’s drug rehabs will often offer things like yoga, spa treatments, locations on the beach, and an all-female staff.  These kinds of activities tend to be more desirable by women, as well as locations on the beach, although that is a desire of many people, especially those seeking calm and relaxing settings for their recovery, For men’s drug rehabs, some of the featured activities maybe things like rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding, all-male staff, and settings such as ranches or mountains.  This kind of setting is more about being out in nature, almost like camping out, which is more favorable among men in general.  In general, men like to feel like men, and when in recovery from addiction it can cause an individual to feel weaker and more vulnerable.  These kinds of rustic settings and activities help to restore a sense of confidence and strength in many men who have been struck down by addiction.

Gender-specific treatment also has benefits in the sense of trust.  For example, if a woman had been sexually assaulted or physically abused by another man, she may have a very difficult time talking about that event in front of other men and it may create a great deal of tension and uneasiness in the group where emotions can take each individual in wild and unhealthy directions. The same holds true for men who may have been molested by a woman in their life and feel the shame of discussing it in front of other women, possibly making them look weak and frail.
Addiction does enough damage to the human psyche, and it is the goal of addiction rehab to make the environment safe and comfortable for each person so they may feel freer to open up and confront their demons.

While gender-specific drug rehab programming can be the best thing in the world for many people, it is not for everyone.  Some men feel uncomfortable completely surrounded by men and some women are not put at more ease by anything but women around them.  Again, it is important to understand the person and the addiction before making a decision such as gender-specific drug rehab.  The idea of Gender-specific programming is to be relaxed, comfortable, and safe.  Depending on an individual’s beliefs and experiences, that relaxation, comfort, and safety may or may not be best accomplished in a gender-specific setting for drug rehab.

If you aren’t sure if gender-specific drug rehab is right for you, please explore the rest of the links to see if there is another clear fit or complete a free confidential assessment and we will contact you immediately to discuss your specific situation and the kind of drug rehab philosophy that may be best for you.  Please feel free to contact us or call us with any questions or concerns you may have.  We are here to help!

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