Herbs and Plant Extracts That Enhance Weight Loss

Herbs and Plant Extracts That Enhance Weight Loss

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The best way to lose weight is the natural way. So, if you have tried all the diets you know but are unsuccessfully stagnating in your weight loss journey, or keep adding weight, we have some great news for you, take the natural path.

Wondering what this means? Well, weight loss is an interplay of catabolism and anabolism – the burning/ breakdown and building of, often, fats and fat cells. To lose weight, your rate of metabolism should be high. This essentially means that your body should be able to naturally burn more fats/ calories than the amount you take in. Unfortunately, revving up your metabolic rate is not as easy, hence the need for a natural boost – in this case, herbs and other plant extracts – all backed by science.

Cayenne Pepper

This is not something new to all of us trying to lose weight. Cayenne pepper has been shown to be an effective weight loss remedy thanks to its active ingredient capsaicin. Capsaicin carries numerous health benefits, among them its metabolism-boosting effects. It also encourages the burning of fats from the adipose tissue, and it’s also been shown to reduce the rate of fat depositing in the adipose tissues.

Its weight loss effects do not end there with capsaicin shown to reduce hunger while reducing appetite, resulting in overall weight loss. These effects come about from the effects of capsaicin on ghrelin – it reduces the levels of the hunger hormone so that you don’t have to eat unnecessarily.

It is because of these positive effects that cayenne is present in most fat-burning supplements and fat burners.  If you are a busy Toronto personal injury law attorney looking for ways of losing weight from your desk, perhaps you should consider incorporating cayenne into your diet.


A common spice that belongs to the legume-family, fenugreek has been shown to enhance and support weight loss efforts thanks to its ability to control appetite, reducing your food intake. The intake of fenugreek leaves you feeling fuller for longer, and it increases the feeling of fullness. This way, you won’t overeat food, losing weight in the process.


Studies show that this rhizome spice from the ginger plant could aid in weight loss. Its weight losing effects come from its ability to boost your metabolism rate, and also its fat-burning effects. There is also the fact that ginger decreases appetite and fat absorption.


A magic spice belonging to the same spice family as thyme, mint, basil, sage, and rosemary, it has carvacrol which is a powerful compound that encourages weight loss.

Carvacrol has been shown to impact specific genes, directly, controlling the synthesis of fats and proteins.


A plant with origins in China, ginseng has been shown to contain powerful weight loss effects. It reduces weight loss effectively and also encourages a healthy gut microflora. Ginseng could help in combating obesity since it can alter the formation of fat cell deposits while delaying the absorption of fats in the intestinal walls.

Other herbs that could boost your weight loss strategy include turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, green coffee bean extract, cardamom, and cumin.

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