How to Avoid Football Injuries before the Match

How to Avoid Football Injuries before the Match

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You would not want an injury when playing football match. You should be rest assured to remain off the ground for match or longer duration due to injury. It would be essential for players to understand how to prevent injuries along with keeping field relatively safe.

You may have come across common injuries that football players encounter. Find below few important tips provided by some scientific studies on how to protect against these injuries. The tips would help you spend relatively lower time tending a sore ankle. You would get better at football with less injury time.

Sprained ankle

The most common injury would be sprained ankle to a player when dribbling or tackling the ball. You could avoid sprained ankle injury by doing the below mentioned exercises three times a week.

  • Ankle circles
  • Calf raises both clockwise and anti-clockwise
  • Shin raises by lifting toes off the ground

Damaged ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)

The ACL provides stability to the knee. However, it could be damaged due to turning or twisting of the leg. You could strengthen your leg to avoid such injuries. Do plenty of leg stretches and walking lunges.

Strained groin

It would be caused due to stretching of the abductor muscle in the inner thigh. It could be painful and hamper your ability to walk. It would be in your best interest to do hip and thigh stretches, stretch inner and outer thigh, planks and crunches would also help largely.

Torn hamstring

Pulled hamstring behind the thigh has been common with football players. In order to stay flexible and strengthen your hamstring muscle you should try the Nordic Ham curl to prepare your hamstring prior to the game.

Practicing off the pitch

Do light warm-up exercises before the match to avoid severe match injury. You could start with 5 minute jogging, 15 minutes stretching exercises, 10 minutes mimicking football movements, 10 minutes shooting and dribbling as team and intake of nutrients such as vitamin D and vitamin D3 for strengthening of bones and muscles. According to some scientific studies, the omega 7 could help provide cardiovascular benefits.

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