How Yoga Teacher Training Can Change Your Life?

How Yoga Teacher Training Can Change Your Life?

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Yoga is not just a place to shape up the body, rather a point of immense learning, someone who has been seriously practicing Yoga for some time would strongly agree. Many of you might have started exploring the spiritual art lately and wondering if this is really true or not? Believing the statistics, during the last few decades, Yoga teacher training has gained an immense admiration among Yoga aspirants across the globe. Let’s find out the secret trait of Yoga teacher training and how it changes someone’s life:

Path to Self-Discovery

Life is neither too long not too short. While a number of people spend their whole life searching for the essence of their life, some receive the helping hand of Yoga. During a Yoga TTC, one encounters highly knowledgeable yogis having utter experiences in every field of life. The path of Yoga overlaps with the path of self-discovery. But in both cases, you need a teacher who offers the torch while crossing the Yoga road. And this is what a Yoga TTC does- it unleashes your veiled potential.

High spirit and positivity

In the words of B.K.S Iyengar, “Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom that you may not have known even existed”. This sentence is quite true in the sense that Yoga has always been about positivity. The training allows you to abandon all the superficial obstructions from the mind manufacturing a confident one from within. It helps one let go of their past and follow what is coming. The deeper perspective that the training offers makes one highly forgiving and insouciant. Yoga teaches us to look at the affirmative sides of everything while ignoring the other.

 Come close to nature

Yoga and nature are quite kindred in every aspect. Yoga is a more than 5000-year-old practice having its root in the Indian subcontinent. Most Yoga teacher training programs are organised near natural settings. One gets to stumble across the real beauty of nature and appreciate its splendour. More than anything, what people get is that they fall in love with the Mother Nature. It is rightly said that the closer one resides to nature, the better one feels in their life. A Yoga teacher training in Nepal, India, Thailand, etc., are the ones where one can experience the absolute delight of nature.

 Better lifestyle

The dependence on the scientific gadgets is resulting in a number of diseases, which is quite inevitable. The disciplines of Yoga that the teacher training programs teach encourage you to adopt healthy habits. From leaving the bed early in the morning to having good food and from talking with a sweet tone to doing Yoga, a Yoga TTC schools you in all aspects of life. Many Yoga TTC in Nepal and India include Ayurveda training that focuses on a wholesome diet and healing therapy.

 Road to Enlightenment

Yoga is about the union as the meaning of the word suggests. Union of one’s mind, body, and soul to gain utter knowledge. And this is what a Yoga teacher training confers. Going to a YTTC rejuvenates and furnishes the mind with immense happiness and confidence, which Swami Vivekananda once voiced- “Through practice comes Yoga, through Yoga comes knowledge, through knowledge comes love, and through love comes bliss.”

 Yoga teacher certification

After the successful completion of a Yoga TTC from a Yoga Alliance affiliated school, you are conferred with a certificate which makes you eligible to teach Yoga globally. Whether you are in a profession or not, it is more likely that you turn towards Yoga to find the walk of life in it. You become a part of the huge Yoga family worldwide. The certification offers you to lead a better life ahead either by starting a Yoga studio or by becoming a Yoga teacher in one of the many Yoga institutes across the globe.

Concludingly, it is extremely important to realize the fact that Yoga teacher training is not only for the ones seeking to become a Yoga teacher, as presumed by many. Majority of aspirants go for YTTC to gain more out of their life.

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