Long-Term Side Effects Of Using Methadone

Long-Term Side Effects Of Using Methadone

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When abused, methadone can cause serious side-effects. When used properly, it can be a great option for those trying to overcome their opioid addictions. It can help to prevent awful withdrawal symptoms and make it easier for addicts to get clean. Unfortunately, some opioid addicts end up getting addicted to using methadone. When this happens, it is important to find one of the many reputable methadone rehab centers to check into, such as the one found at emeraldcoastjourneypure.com. Below is some information and long-term side effects of methadone use to watch out for in yourself and those you love.

Why Methodone Gets Abused

Methadone often gets misused because of how easily accessible it can be. It is also much cheaper than other types of prescription painkillers. While it is generally prescribed to help with opioid addictions, misuse of methadone can come with its own set of risks and bad side effects. The high that its use offers is not similar to that of heroin. It does, however, offer feelings of sedation, relaxation and a reduction of anxiety in the way that many other opioid drugs work. Methadone is considered potentially harmful. This means that if used properly, it can do more good than harm to those taking it. When it is used improperly, it can have long-term side effects similar to other drugs.

Reasons People Use Methadone

Those who decide to use methadone for their drug addiction do so for a variety of reasons. When it is used properly, methadone can be great for reducing or fully eliminating cravings of opioids. For this to work properly, usage needs to be monitored by a medical specialist to ensure the dosage administered is the correct amount. Additionally, methadone is used for pain relief. It helps to prevent the often severe and painful withdrawal symptoms opioid addicts must go through on the road to recovery. In order to prevent overdoses, the dosages need to be managed carefully by a medical specialist. The drug can stay in your system for up to 56 hours at a time. This makes it easy for users to accidentally overdose if they take another dose too soon.

Side Effects Of Methadone Use Over Time

There are many side effects that can come with the use of methadone. When used under medical supervision, the effects are usually temporary while a patient is adjusting to the dosage. There are some side effects which are more serious and should be discussed with your specialist right way. Some of these symptoms include excessive fatigue, chest pain, drowsiness, cognitive changes, dry mouth, seizures, swelling and jaundice. Other symptoms might include trouble sleeping, sexual dysfunction, respiratory issues and bloody stools or urine.

If you are taking prescription drugs, it is important to let your doctor know before starting a methadone treatment. It is important for your doctor to make sure your current prescriptions are compatible with methadone. Patients who have undiagnosed heart ailments will be at a higher risk for developing cardiac irregularities while using methadone to treat their opioid addictions. This means it is extremely important for any patient to get fully screened by their doctor before starting methadone.

Recovering From A Methadone Addiction

Methadone stays in the body much longer than most opioid drugs. The time it takes to go through withdrawal of methadone is significantly longer than other drugs. It can take more than a month to fully get clean from using it. Once full sobriety has been completed, patients are urged to begin drug rehab at a reputable treatment center. Thorough detoxification is the first and most important part of overcoming a methadone addiction.

Benefits Of A Rehabilitation Center

Checking into a drug rehabilitation center is the best and safest way to overcome methadone or opioid addictions. Inpatient facilities offer around-the-clock care for addicts so they may get the treatment they need under medical supervision. Detoxification from methadone should never be done alone. Without supervision from a doctor or medical specialist, withdrawal symptoms could potentially cause life-threatening side-effects.

When you have a drug addiction taking over your life, it is important to seek professional help. It can be dangerous to try and get clean on your own. Drug treatment centers will work with you to create a personalized treatment program that will ensure your success. Depending on the severity of your addiction and other factors, you may choose either inpatient or outpatient treatment approaches. Both will have their advantages and drawbacks to take into consideration.

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