New Years and Time for Your Annual Physical

New Years and Time for Your Annual Physical

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With the new year just around the corner, this could be an appropriate time to schedule your annual physical with your family physician. While, there has been some doubt in recent years over the usefulness of an annual physical the reality is that giving your physician that single, regular data point on your health can prevent a hidden problem from sneaking up on you over time.

There are some individuals who, regardless of current symptoms, should receive an annual checkup. Anyone with a family history of chronic illness or who is suffering from a chronic illness currently can benefit even more than your average American from an annual physical exam. The added convenience of scheduling your annual exam around the new year is the fact that it may help you remember your health as well as speak with your physician about any resolutions you may be planning. As an example,  At Treasure Valley Family Medicine, in Meridian, Idaho, your annual exam is a priority and the staff works diligently to ensure that all your concerns and questions are taken care of and that you leave your appointment with more information than you had at the beginning.

Wherever you are in life, it is possible that an annual physical will not impact your long-term mortality, but it could. The ability for your physician to track your health in a consistent way is alone worth the trip and the appointment. Some diseases and conditions can manifest themselves in very hidden ways unless doctors are looking for them. Especially at a place like Treasure Valley Family Medicine these issues can be spotted in the year-over-year data that an annual physical provides. Look at the way they do business, and you’ll schedule a physical today, and next year, and the year after that. You get the picture.

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