Religious Drug Rehab

Religion is a driving force in the lives of millions of individuals and addiction rehab has adapted to the demand for more religious-based drug rehab programs since so many people pull their drive from whatever their religious belief may be.  For this reason, drug rehab centers have dotted the globe providing drug rehab treatment for the extremely pious or for those who are searching to find religion on their path to recovery from addiction.

Religion is as old as the world and millions of people live their lives based on religious beliefs, so when addiction strikes, it makes sense for the pious of our society to seek recovery in their religious beliefs.  These days, addiction comes in so many forms and from so many different sources that it cannot be said that an individual suffering from addiction has a character flaw or is just a bad person.  Addiction happens to the best of us, many times as a result of medication after surgery or to stabilize a mental health condition.  For those who are very pious and believe very strongly in their religion, drug rehab needs to have the elements of their belief system in order for them to connect it with their Higher Power.

Although Christian-based religious rehab centers are probably the most commonly known in the addiction recovery field, there are drug rehabs focused entirely on Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, and also catering to agnosticism and atheism.  Depending on personal belief, these kinds of drug rehab centers have been designed to make recovery easily identifiable for each individual.

When considering strong religious convictions, anything contrary to the core belief systems of an individual in recovery can cause an immediate and complete dismissal of the religious rehab centers program.  For example, if an atheist goes to drug rehab at a center that focuses on the 12-step philosophy, even the Higher Power can turn that individual off from the program based on an individual belief that no Higher Power exists, making the rehab process much more difficult to grasp when everything being taught is based on something that is not part of that individual’s belief system.  Generally, religious drug rehab would be something for those who are very devout and hold very strong convictions, but religious-based drug rehab has also been very effective in helping some people to find religion for the first time or rediscover it for themselves.  When the recovery happens, it can feel like a miracle made possible by the philosophy used in the recovery process.  And if that philosophy is one based on religious beliefs, addicts and alcoholics who find success in their experience with drug rehab, often discover a new faith in the belief system of the drug rehab and their personal approach and interpretation.

Religious drug rehab is something that is certainly powerful enough to save a life through spirituality and turn everything around, but it is important to understand that religion is not something that can be forced on any individual and it is not a good idea to force any person to attend religious drug rehab, especially if they are opposed to it.  This will only make their defiance stronger, making it near impossible for them to even grasp the recovery aspect of drug rehab because of their refusal to accept the religious teachings.  Drug rehab is not about religion, it is about recovery and religion is one of many means to that end, but it takes someone who is open to receive the additional message of religion to accompany the important messages of recovery.

If there are questions regarding whether or not to consider religious rehab centers, we welcome you to continue to explore our links and read about other options.  For specific situations and assessing individual needs, please fill out our free confidential assessment so we may get back to you and work with you in deciding if religious-based drug rehab is right for you.  As always, we are here to help, and if there is anything we can do for you to assist in this daunting decision-making process, feel free to contact us or call us to start your recovery.  We will do all we can to get you pointed in the right direction for your individual needs in recovery from addiction.

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