Right Clinic for Your Physiotherapy Options in Singapore

Right Clinic for Your Physiotherapy Options in Singapore

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Physiotherapy care is provided by health professionals who have completed their master’s degree in physiotherapy. Treatments can also be provided by Physical Rehabilitation Therapists (TRP), who has completed their technique at the college level. Both are members of the Professional Order of Physiotherapy of Quebec (OPPQ). It should be noted that since 1990, patients have direct access to physiotherapy, no longer requiring a prescription from the doctor. Physiotherapy treatments are for virtually anyone with a musculoskeletal injury.Thus engaging in a physiotherapy clinic Singapore companyhappens to be one of your better options.

Adult Clientele

This service is beneficial for the active adult clientele, whether for a chronic condition or acute. Musculoskeletal problems can develop as a result of poor ergonomics at work, following prolonged stress, an unusual change in activities (i.e.: cleaning, moving) or by practicing sports activities. Physical therapy can identify the source of the problem and relieve symptoms. The goal is to find an optimal biomechanics while avoiding recurrences. The right service is available now and that is the reason that you can have the best results for the same.

Sports Clientele

Specifically, physiotherapy is indicated for athletes of all levels and at all ages who experience pain while practicing their sport. An evaluation of the detailed biomechanics and the specific movement makes it possible to reeducate the athlete. Following the treatments and exercises of control and reinforcement, the physiotherapist and the athlete establish a plan to gradually reintegrate the sport without pain. Now is the best option for the same now and that also within the budget that you can think have now.

Old Clientele

Physical therapy is also beneficial for the elderly population. With age, stiffness sets in and it may take longer to recover from an injury. Treatments also help to counteract loss of independence and balance disorders. The effects of inactivity are even greater for this population. The physiotherapist therefore establishes a safe exercise program to increase the level of activity.

Work Accident and Road

At ABC Clinique Santé, accidents at work or on the road are treated in their entirety. When the physician refers to physiotherapy within the framework of the CSST or SAAQ program, the physiotherapists take care of the patient and offer the appropriate treatments in order to aim for a return to work or to accompany in the gradual return. Often, the treatments are done in an interdisciplinary way, that is to say that the patient receives treatments from several professionals if necessary (occupational therapist, psychologist, massage therapist, etc.). All these things are to be taken into considerations now. Surely this is something very important for you.

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