Substance Abuse Recovery Weekly Roundup – Dec 1 Week

1. Inside ‘The Bachelorette’ Star Zac Clark’s Oxycontin And Heroin Addiction, Recovery And More 

After last week’s Black Lives Matter conversation, Zac Clark will open up about his past as a drug addict and alcoholic in another emotional date. (

2. ‘Recovery Is Possible’: Monticello Couple Share Stories Of Beating Drug Addiction To Spread Hope 

Henry would go on to attend Narcotics Anonymous and other therapeutic meetings and lived at the Home with Hope, a facility in Lafayette that provides care often following primary treatment or detox for alcoholism and other drug addictions, for men and women age 18 and older. (

3. Addiction Treatment’s Covid-19 Challenge: “the Stakes Are Life And Death” 

If it turns out, in the pandemic, that expanding telemedicine for buprenorphine increases access without much more, if any, diversion, then maybe the right balance is more toward a laxer regime than the longstanding laws and rules suggest. (

4. Why The Holidays Are More Difficult For People With Addiction 

In addition to clinically proven and evidence-based treatment, Renaissance Ranch uses a faith-based approach, combined with spiritual principles as they relate to addiction. (

5. Parents Should Gauge Teen’s Risk For Addiction 

Addressing risk factors early and paying careful attention to children at higher risk can reduce that child’s likelihood of a future problem with drugs or alcohol, she said. (

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