Substance Abuse Recovery Weekly Roundup – Dec 2 Week

1. Mccallion: Understanding Relapse As Part Of Addiction Recovery 

At 17, a senior in high school, I moved out and moved into my first apartment with my boyfriend at the time. (

2. State Of Addiction: Washington County Mom Shares Her Tragedy To Help Others 

A Washington County mother is hoping sharing the story of her son’s death will help other Pittsburgh area families heal. (

3. State Spotlights Addiction Treatment Resources As Pandemic Continue 

Officials are urging those struggling with opioid addictions, as well as their family and friends, to use the resources available, like Caron Treatment Centers, the Council on Chemical Abuse. (

4. Stigma, Weaponized In Many Forms, Helps Fuel The Addiction Crisis 

The stigma we deliver to people with addictions isn’t just a barrier to treatment, it also fuels the disease, continuing a deadly cycle that increases harm to people who use drugs, and to those of us in recovery. (

5. How Has Covid Affected Mental Health And Addiction? 

According to a very recent study carried out by the Well Being Trust, the severely high levels of stress, unemployment, and isolation that have been caused by the Coronavirus pandemic could be responsible for a whopping 75,000 so-called deaths of despair relating not only to suicide but drugs and alcohol-related issues. (

John Lewis

Hi Friends, I am John working in Benphysiorehab. My main goal is to help people to obtain a one-stop solution for their addictions to drugs or alcohol. And support them to live a healthy and sober lifestyle.

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