Substance Abuse Recovery Weekly Roundup – Feb 3 Week

1. A Profile Of Social Media Addiction

According to the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, internet addiction was first a concept of discussion in 1996. (

2. Rep. Dean And Her Son Share Their Family’s Struggle With Addiction In New Memoir

Rep. Madeleine Dean from Pennsylvania is perhaps best known these days for her high-profile role as a House manager during former President Trump’s second impeachment trial. (

3. The EMS Handoff: Addiction Among Us – JEMS

Don’t ignore the problem, become part of the solution by learning and helping our colleagues avoid and beat addiction. (

4. As Addiction Deaths Surge, Profit-Driven Rehab Industry Faces ‘Severe Ethical Crisis’

Many drug rehab programs use aggressive sales techniques, price-gouge patients, and provide substandard care. The system often pushes people struggling with addiction into debt, but not recovery.  (

5. Turkey Helps Drug Addiction Survivors In Sudan

State-run Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency helps young people in the capital set up businesses (


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