Substance Abuse Recovery Weekly Roundup – Jan 3 Week

1. Using Analytics To Attack Addiction

Business students at the University of Minnesota take an unorthodox approach to uncover core issues in addiction. (

2. CBD And Recovery: How CBD Can Help Fight Addiction

The year 2020 is a year that will forever live in infamy for all of us. The physical, fiscal, and emotional upheaval of how we lived our lives. (

3. As Mobile Sports Betting Grows, So Does The Need For Gambling Addiction Treatment

The state reports $46,516,489 in mobile sports betting receipts for the 2020 fiscal year.(

4. Need For Addiction Treatment Increases As People Turn To Substances To Cope With A Pandemic

Those with BrightView in Boardman say they’ve had to make a few changes to how they service patients as the need for treatment has grown in the past year. (

5. £148 Million Boosts To Tackle Drug Addiction And Organized Crime

Most of the money will be directed towards extra places in treatment centers and in areas of high drug abuse. (

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