Substance Abuse Recovery Weekly Roundup – June 4th Week

1. Addiction Center Raising Awareness Of Drug Addiction In Older LGBTQ  Community

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, a nationwide organization with treatment centers here in Naples says Pride Month needs to be about celebration but also, education. (

2. Memphis Non-Profit Recognized For Volunteer Work Aimed At Fighting Drug Addiction

A Betor Way is one of the non-profits nominated for this year’s Volunteer Memphis Awards. (

3. On The War Within Drug Treatment

Medical and treatment providers disagree about which treatments are most effective, and people continue to face barriers getting into treatment. (

4. New Database Aims To Pinpoint Drug Addiction In Pueblo

Recovering drug addict now spearheads an outreach group, says data helps (

5. Rock Co. Inmate Overcomes Demons With Pen And Paper

A Beloit man is using a poem about his decades-long battle with drug addiction to inspire others, including his prison mates. (

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