Substance Abuse Recovery Weekly Roundup – Mar 1 Week

1. Local Mom Who Lost A Son To Drug Addiction Concerned Over State Supreme Court Ruling

Local mom who lost a son to drug addiction concerned over state Supreme Court ruling (

2. Would You Support Higher Property Taxes To Pay For Resources To Address Drug Addiction In Sawyer County?

On the night, Feb. 18, the Sawyer County Board of Supervisors approved an $8 million bond to build a second courtroom, Supervisor Dawn Petit said the county also needed to (

3. During Pandemic, Drug Overdose Deaths Surge Among Black New Yorkers

Black Americans with addiction face “pervasive and continuing systemic racism” and often struggle to gain access to treatments that prevent fatal overdoses. (

4. Police discuss recent large-scale drug busts spanning multiple central Wisconsin counties

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen several large-scale drug busts across multiple counties in our area.  (

5. Researchers Find Frustration Is An Additional Factor Of Addiction

A new paper published in Psychopharmacology by researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch shows frustration is an additional factor that can lead to addiction escalation. (

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