Substance Abuse Recovery Weekly Roundup – Nov 3 Week

1. Chronic Alcohol Use Reshapes The Brain’s Immune Landscape, Driving Anxiety, And Addiction 

We found that chronic alcohol exposure compromises brain immune cells, which are important for maintaining healthy neurons,” says Reesha Patel, Ph.D. a postdoctoral fellow in Roberto’s lab and first author of the study. (

2. Bordentown Rotary Club Continues To Spread Awareness On Addiction With The Third Annual Rotary 4 Recovery Event 

Bordentown City Mayor James Lynch speaks to people who attended the Bordentown Rotary Club’s “Rotary 4 Recovery” event on Nov. 12 at Bordentown Beach. (

3. Researchers Identify Anti-Inflammatory Mechanisms That Drive Alcohol Addiction

We’ve shown that inflammatory immune responses in the brain are very much at play in the development and maintenance of alcohol use disorder,” Roberto says. (

4. From Addiction To Advocacy For Drug Decriminalization

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5. Brains + Breakdown: The Relationship Between Genius And Addiction In Tv 

The Queen’s Gambit’s protagonist, Beth Harmon, begins her addiction at a young age due to the practice of giving tranquilizers to children in her orphanage (which was common around the middle of the 20th century). (

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