Substance Abuse Recovery Weekly Roundup – Oct 1 Week

1. Wood County Schools Receives Funding For Drug, Alcohol Prevention Programs 

A committee of counselors and educators from Wood County Schools met to plan the prevention curriculum and the materials used. (

2. Forget The Stereotypes. Our Survey Shows Many Young People Are Drinking Less Alcohol In Lockdown – Weedmaps News 

Australians in our sample who increased drinking noted worse outcomes for physical health (55%), mental health (36%), work or study performance where relevant (30%) and finances (26%). (

3. Wesley Family Services Stops Drug And Alcohol Program In Washington 

Drug and alcohol outpatient services were a part of those programs until the recent decision, which the board of directors made, Muetzel said, after years of not breaking even financially with that program. (

4. Trump’s Attack On Hunter Biden Underscores ‘harmful Stigma’ Of Addiction 

23 million Americans — roughly 1 in 10 adults — have struggled with a drug-use disorder at some point in their lives. (

5. Local Detox Center Working To Meet The Increased Demand Of Alcohol And Drug Abuse Since The Pandemic Began  

Riverside Behavioral Health Center is revamping its drug and alcohol treatment program to meet the increased community need. (

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