Substance Abuse Recovery Weekly Roundup – Sep 3 Week

1. Covid-19 Makes Addiction Treatment, Recovery More Challenging

Opioid overdoses are up 48% this year statewide, while opioid overdose deaths are up 35% in Madison, and reports of alcohol abuse relapses are also on the rise. (

2. English Addiction Services On The Brink A Number Of Higher-Risk Drinkers Doubles

A near-doubling in the number of higher-risk drinkers during lockdown has led to warnings that addiction services in England are struggling to cope and in dire need of extra funding. (

3. Cordant Health Solutions Opens A New Addiction Treatment Pharmacy In Tennessee

Cordant’s pharmacy program focuses on supporting clinicians who treat patients for opioid use disorder using buprenorphine and other medications. The program works by delivering buprenorphine to the patient during the time of their treatment visit or for telemedicine programs, to the patient’s home. (

4. Marion County Drug Court Offers A Fresh Start From Addiction

He was only 13 years old when he was introduced to drugs and alcohol, and that began a downward spiral that would last through most of his adult life. Addiction often got Smith in trouble with law enforcement, as he violated probation several times and was sentenced to prison five times. (

5. Addiction And Covid-19: Study Finds Link Between Substance Abuse And Infection Risk

A new study’s findings have uncovered a link between substance abuse and a higher risk of infection. It was a global health crisis long before SARS-CoV2. Opioid use disorder. Now researchers from the National Institute on Drug Abuse say those abusing the highly addictive drugs may suffer worse when it comes to COVID-19. (

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