The 5 best sleeping tips for back pain

The 5 best sleeping tips for back pain

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Do you suffer from intermittent back ache? Here’s how to get rid of back pain by sleeping right.

Back pain has the potential to change your lifestyle and restrict mobility. Consider these measures if you wish to know how to get rid of back pain when you sleep:

1 Apply pain relief cream before bed. If you suffer from back pain intermittently, then it is always better to help the body’s natural defences along by applying a pain relief cream. The pain relief cream should be applied before going to bed, taking care to ensure that there is no excessive rubbing or prodding of the painful areas. It gets to work at once by penetrating the painful muscle and surrounding tissue. As you sleep, the cream removes the source of the pain, so you wake up relatively pain-free.

2 Sleep in the right position. The most important thing to do when you have back pain is to sleep in the correct position. Every person has a natural position for sleep, but certain positions can aggravate the pain. For example, sleeping on your stomach causes the spine’s curvature to change, leading to more pain. If you sleep on your back, place a pillow under your knees so the spine’s natural curvature is maintained. If you sleep on your side, place a pillow between your knees and draw them up slightly towards your chest. If you sleep on your stomach, place a pillow under your belly.

3 Lie down and wake up gently. An already painful back can be further strained by sitting down for long or flopping down on the bed. When you wish to sleep, sit down on the bed with your feet on the floor. Now slowly raise your legs up and swivel around to place them on the bed. Lie down slowly. When you wake up, gently stretch your legs by pointing your toes outward. Now prop yourself up on your elbow and ease yourself into a sitting position.

4 Have the right mattress and pillow. Often, your back ache is caused by the wrong mattress and pillow. A mattress that sags under your weight will make the spine bend unnaturally, while a pillow that is too hard or too soft will disturb the alignment of your neck. Change your mattress or flip the existing one to see what a difference it makes to your back pain. The mattress should be firm enough to maintain the spine’s curvature without being too hard. Meanwhile, get a pillow that provides neck support such that the neck remains level with the shoulders.

5 Sleep for at least seven hours a night. Sleep often cures many aches, and your back pain can be eased considerably with good quality sleep. As you sleep, your body’s healing mechanisms take over and the painful areas of the body are worked upon. When you have uninterrupted, deep sleep for about seven hours a night, you will notice that the pain dissipates over time. However, you must follow the steps outlined above for sleep to be an effective weapon against back ache.

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