The Common Mistakes Patients make When Visiting an Urgent Care Center

The Common Mistakes Patients make When Visiting an Urgent Care Center

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Urgent care centers are now growing fast because many people prefer to receive care at urgent care centers. The number of urgent care in the U.S is now estimated at 9,000.

The urgent care centers such as Urgent Care Livonia treat diseases such as cold, flu, cough, joint, and muscle sprains and strains, STIs, UTIs, etc.

In most cases, these urgent care centers are conveniently located and you don’t have to book an appointment, you just visit them and get treatment as fast as possible. But when walking into an urgent care center, people sometimes make some mistakes that might be costly. These are some of the mistakes;

  1. Being unaware of their insurance policy

Most of the urgent care centers usually take some kinds of insurance. This makes the centers a bit cost effective. Nevertheless, as a patient, you should ensure that your insurance plan is accepted at the center and that it covers your treatment before you can see a doctor.

You can contact your insurance cover to inquire about the urgent care payment options before visiting the center. This prevents you from receiving a huge bill at the end of treatment.

  1. Assuming that the urgent care center is the same as emergency room [ER]

The slight distinction between an urgent center and an ER is that the ER deals with emergencies like heart attack, stroke, vision changes, difficulty breathing, or severe bleeding. While urgent care centers deal with minor diseases like coughs, STIs, flu, etc. So you can book for an ER if you have a condition which is life –threatening and not visit an urgent care center.

If you don’t go to the right place, this could cause a delay in treatment and hence expose your health to a higher risks. It is also worth mentioning that ERs are more expensive than urgent care centers.

  1. Expecting the main doctor to see you

 Not being able to see the main doctor doesn’t mean that you’ll be handled by quacks. The nurses and the assistant physicians at the center are highly qualified. They can diagnose a disease, offer a treatment plan and the support that you might need. Just make sure that you know who will see you at the center and not to expect too much.

  1. Hoping to get refills on prescription

Urgent care centers prescribe medication like acne or anti-inflammatory medication, but there is a cap on the number of pills, and so you can’t get a refill unless you book another appointment. And if you are already taking medicines like Adderall, the center cannot refill that prescription for you.

  1. Thinking that all urgent care centers provide the same treatment

Urgent care centers vary in the services that they provide. Some can stitch you up when you are bleeding severely, while others provide STI testing. The kind of service that a center provides depends on the type of facility, the location, type of staff, the demographic, and the type of medical equipment that are available.

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