The importance of Omega 3 that helps in weight loss

The importance of Omega 3 that helps in weight loss

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When it comes to our health there are quite a few things that are still unknown to us. Yes, we know about the importance of vitamins, minerals, and protein in our body and we try to eat a lot of green vegetables, fruits, milk, chicken, and eggs to suffice our daily requirement of vitamins and protein. However, there are quite a few other things that are equally important to our health and can have an adverse effect if avoided for a long time. Omega 3 is one of the very essential fatty acids that we need to have a healthy life. Young children, pregnant women especially require a regular dose of omega 3 for a very important purpose. Yes, omega 3 helps in the development of the brain.

Omega 3 for pregnant women

Women who are going to have their baby are given omega 3 supplements. Generally, a pregnant woman is given supplements of multivitamins, folic acid, and iron so that their baby inside the womb can grow healthy and strong. But along with these fatty acids are equally important for the unborn baby. Omega 3 is a combination of three main fatty acids, namely, EPA, DHA and ALA. These are very essential for a baby’s brain development. Even as a fetus the unborn will need omega 3 for its neural growth inside the womb. It has been seen that mothers who have taken regular supplements of Omega 3 have given birth to babies with healthier neurological functions and better brains.

Omega 3 for young children

It is important for every child to have proper doses of healthy essentials Australia for their proper development. In the growth years, a child will need a balanced combination of vitamins, protein, fats, fatty acids and minerals. Fatty acids are easily found in fish oil, especially fish that comes from the sea. Thus young children who eat fish on regular basis have better brains than others. Fish protein and fish oil should be a very important part of the diet for every growing child. However, if you are unable to get fresh fish, then make sure that you add Omega 3 supplement capsule in his everyday diet.

Omega 3 for our eyes

The sad fact of our life is that we all will suffer from macular degeneration at a certain point of our lives. Macular degeneration affects us as we get older causing partial blindness and the worst part is that it does not have any cure as such. Thus the only way is to prevent it rather than looking for a cure. The retina of our eyes consists of fifty percent of DHA. A daily dose of Omega 3 will give us clarity, better focus on perception and color. Pregnant women should take Omega 3 since it not only helps in the development of the fetus’s neural functions but also its cerebral cortex. Omega 3 supplies the very essential DHA, ALA and EPA to the nerves that also keeps the DHA of retina intact and keeps our eyes safe.

A concluding note

With all these and many more benefits, Omega 3 is surely one of the most important fatty acids for everyone and even for animals. A daily dose of this fatty acid is a must for everyone.

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