Today, What Can One Do With Regards to Hair Loss?

Today, What Can One Do With Regards to Hair Loss?

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For those of you out there who’ve never heard of it, “androgenic alopecia,” is a medical term which is used for hair loss, and affects both men and women. Usually known as “male or female pattern baldness”, hair loss starts in a certain pattern beginning at the temples.

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In the male, it begins with a decrease of the hairline and baldness at the crown of one’s head, whereas with the female she will experience hair loss overthe entire head.

  • We’re all familiar with the male type, but not so much with the female
  • Androgenic alopecia can go on to bring about total baldness, although there may be hair on the back and sides of the head

Women with such a condition never fully lose a full head of hair, and their hair loss happens at a much slower pace.

Maybe Genetics or Other Reasons

High levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the scalp are typical for those suffering from androgenic alopecia and hair lossoccurs in the male because of the DHT adhering to androgen receptors on the hair follicles, which prevents natural growth.

  • This supposed genetic inclination causes hair follicles to shrink when mixed with the hormone, which then shortens the follicle’s life span.
  • Other causes said to cause androgenic alopecia include both heredity and environmental aspects which can start or increase the hair loss.

Remedies – Medical Procedures

We’ve all heard ofthe hair transplant process, which has become increasingly favoured over the past sixty odd years and these days makes use of the very best in modern technology.

  • The transplant involves the removal of hair follicles from the back of the head, normally in the neckline area, and then transplanting it into areas which are bald

Later on, that transplanted hair will then start to grow where it was moved to. In the past the hair transplant cost was always a concern, but today these prices are much more affordable.

Another surgical solution (and certainly a more extreme one) is what is known as a “scalp reduction,” and involves the removal of the balding parts and then the stretching and stitching together of the remaining scalp.

Remedies – Non-Medical Procedures

Obviously the historical use of wigs, hairpieces and weaves comes first in this solution. Wigs and hairpieces are either natural or synthetic hair and you just might be surprised who actually wears one out there in the public eye.

There’s also many shampoos and tonics on the market, all claiming to grow hair back by stimulating the scalp in the hope that amazing new hair will then decide to grow back. And, yes, this certainly does seem like an easy to do method, it just hasn’t been known to show any results for its users.

Anyway, whatever you happen to decide upon, may all of your hair concerns be dealt with in a manner that pleases you and your future head of hair!

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