What Is Assisted Stretch Therapy and Can It Help You?

What Is Assisted Stretch Therapy and Can It Help You?

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Whether you have incurred a recent injury or you just deal with chronic pain issues, searching for a way to feel better and get relief is probably part of your everyday life. Pain can hold you back physically and mentally preventing you from going about your regular routine both at home and at work. While every injury or pain issue has its own cause, and therefore its own treatment solution, one route that is getting attention is assisted stretch therapy.

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Assisted stretch therapy takes a different approach on stretching, and is meant to help people get over injuries and pain, as well as lead a healthier lifestyle in general. Here’s a closer look at what assisted stretch therapy is, and whether it can help you.

Stretch Therapy Has Long Since Been Heralded

Stretch therapy itself isn’t a new concept or a new treatment plan; the benefits of stretching have been known for quite some time. When you stretch your body, you are in fact lengthening the muscles. Doing so will then increase your joint range of motion and your muscle flexibility. They help to warm up your body and loosen up your muscles before you perform some sort of physical activity.

Stretching in fact preps your body for activity, which also means you are less likely to get injured during activity. It makes your body limber, looser, more flexible, and stronger overall. When trying to recover from an injury, it can actually work out some of the muscle tension and soreness that you may be feeling.

And it’s not just all about the physical aspect. Stretching is also a great mental workout and allows you to direct all your focus on that one activity, which then gives you a sense of relaxation. You can clear your mind and just be in the moment.

So, What About Assisted Stretch Therapy?

Where assisted stretch therapy differs is that you aren’t left to your devices to figure out what stretches are best for you and how to execute them properly. A professional therapist will work with you to evaluate your needs, create a stretching plan, and then assist you through all the stretches. This guarantees that you are doing the stretches properly, that you are using the right ones, that you don’t end up injuring yourself further, and that you can get deeper better results overall.

With assisted stretch therapy, it is an individual approach which also means that as your needs change, so can the stretches. The therapist will constantly be re-evaluating and making sure that the stretches they use are the best ones for your concerns.

Consider the Results and Timeline

At the end of the day, it really comes down to what kind of results you want and expect from stretching, and what timeline you have in your head. If you’re working to get past an injury and deal with pain, then chances are the sooner you can do so the better. Assisted stretch therapy means you are working with a professional who is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in the safest but fastest way possible.

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