What Is Self-Esteem?

Humans have the ability to form an identity and to decide whether they like that identity or not.  With this comes also the ability of judgment.  People with low self-esteem are judging and rejecting themselves.

Often, negative self-evaluations are a result of childhood experiences during which the child was not nurtured as a valuable person or they can be learned in responses to painful life events.  Some people may achieve a number of important goals in life and still never feel good enough about themselves.

Self-esteem is the basis on which people act, react, set goals and challenges in life.  It is a stimulation to cope with life challenges and the ability to enjoy happiness.  It is also the basis on which people are setting life values and beliefs.

Without positive self-esteem, psychological growth becomes impossible and people become less resilient to face life.

People with low self-esteem are rejecting parts of themselves.  This rejection can be very damaging to psychological well-being.  Judging the self negatively can cause enormous emotional pain.  It causes people to take fewer social, academic, or career decisions.  People with low self-esteem will be less creative and less effective in life.

It is very common in people with low self-esteem to only seek the familiar and undemanding parts of life, which in turn reinforces weakness and results in even lower self-esteem.

Some Symptoms Of Low Self-Esteem

  1. Constant self-analysis
  2. Fear of authority
  3. Pessimistic thinking
  4. Afraid of underachieving
  5. Fear of success
  6. Preferring to be left alone
  7. Problems trusting others
  8. Lack of trust in self
  9. Fear for risk
  10. Lack of empathy
  11. Feelings of guilt and shame
  12. Lack of assertiveness
  13. Passive behavior
  14. Shyness
  15. Irrational thinking

Treatment For Self-Esteem

While low self-esteem may stem from different causes and sources, people can be helped to feel better, accept their worth, and enhance their self-confidence when taking charge of their thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Psychotherapy helps people change the way they interpret life.  Part of the therapy is uncovering and analyzing the negative self-statements and learning how to create new, objective, positive self-statements that will foster self-esteem rather than undermining it.

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