What Should You Expect When You Enter Rehab?

What Should You Expect When You Enter Rehab?

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Are you currently looking for a opiate rehab in Florida? If this is the case, you should be aware of what you will need to deal with after you check yourself into a rehab facility. There are many misconceptions about what goes on in these places. The sad reality is that many drug and alcohol addicts do not get treatment because they are afraid of what awaits them inside of a rehab facility. You should never let this fear of the unknown stop you from getting the help that you so desperately need. Here are many of the things that you will encounter in the vast majority of rehab facilities that are located around the country.

1. You will need to be searched by staff members of the rehab facility before you are allowed to enter.

The reason for a search of all patients is very easy to understand. Some patients will try to sneak some drugs of alcohol into the rehab facility because they are not very serious about getting their treatment. Other patients could use the drugs or alcohol. As you might imagine, this would not be a very good thing for the staff and the patients of the facility if this were allowed to happen. Therefore, the bags of all patients will need to be searched just to ensure that no alcohol or drugs make it inside. There are many dangers of abusing opiates. This is why it is so imperative that patients do not have access to these harmful drugs while they are receiving treatment.

2. You will be assigned a room.

The rules that rehab facilities have concerning the sleeping arrangements of patients will vary depending on which facility you are going to. It is very common for some rehab facilities to make having a roommate mandatory for all of the patients. This is often because the buildings are simply not big enough to allow each patient to have his or her own room. However, the real reason for requiring each patient to have a roommate is because the rehab facilities want the patients to get to know each other and become friends. The idea of having a roommate during rehab does not thrill a lot of patients. There are facilities that give a room to each patient. However, these places are usually very expensive.

3. The detox process will begin as soon as you are admitted to the rehab facility.

The process of detoxing involves getting all of the harmful poisons out of your body that you have been ingesting for a very long period of time. This has to be done right away when you check in. You will not be able to officially begin treatment for your addiction until the drugs and alcohol you have become addicted to are completely out of your system. The detox process can be very painful for many patients. A doctor will be monitoring each patient very closely while they are detoxing. Patients will be sent to a hospital if they happen to develop more serious complications that the doctor is not able to deal with.

4. You will be introduced to the person who will be your counselor.

Your counselor will be a very important person in your life while you are in rehab. He or she might also play a big role in your recovery as part of your aftercare program. You will meet with your counselor most days that you are in the rehab facility. He or she will try to determine the root cause for your addiction. You will answer the questions your counselor asks you as truthfully as possible. It is only by doing this that your counselor will be able to help you kick your addiction.

5. Group therapy sessions will be a bonding experience.

All patients who are getting treatment in the facility must attend group therapy sessions. Each person will take turns telling their personal stories about what has caused them to seek treatment. It is the interaction that patients have with each other during rehab that causes of them to become lifelong friends.

6. Your friends and family will be able to visit you on a designated day.

You will not be allowed to have random visitors when you are in rehab. The rehab facility will let you know when your loved ones can come to visit you. You should also understand that the facility will control all contact you have with the outside world while you are in their care.

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