Why sheet masks are still big in 2018

Why sheet masks are still big in 2018

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If you’ve been following or practicing the Korean beauty tips, then you may have come across sheet mask. They have been around since 2015, and there are still plenty of reasons to start using them, that’s if you haven’t already. A skeptic would assume that it’s another beauty craze that will fade with time, but there are reasons why it’s not likely to.

Before we get into the why, it’s important to understand what a sheet mask is and its purpose. Sheet masks are face-shaped sheets soaked in a serum. You’ll get them in various materials such as bio-cellulose, foil, hydrogels or microfiber. The serum, depending on the brand or the type you select, is loaded with vitamins, hyaluronic acid, aloe Vera, seaweed, tea tree or ceramide. What the sheet does is prevent the serum from evaporating once it’s placed on your skin. After that, penetration can take place or efficiently than when using the serum or a mask by itself. Their primary purpose of a sheet mask is to hydrate the skin.

How to use them

Face sheets are packed individually, and you get to use them once. There is no formula for using them. Depending on the brand you place them on a clean face between 15-30 minutes and peel them off. What makes them convenient is that you can have it on as you go about your other activities and once the time lapses, you can take them off and go about your day or go to bed. No rise required.

As you’d expect, it’s only one in one size. The best way to get it on is to start from the forehead and focus on aligning the hoes with your eyes, nose, and mouth. The recommended use is two to three times a week paired with other Korean beauty (K-beauty) treatments. You can equally use them daily or intensive facial care.

What to expect

The deep penetration you get from the sheet reveals noticeable differences. For one, your face won’t dry as it would if you used a face mask. Some of the products claim to firm up, brighten the skin and give you a glow, the very thing K-beauty is known for. It is an inexpensive way to get spa-like results on your face. Anyone can use them, even if you do CRA assessment.

South Korea was first to get them into the market, and since used in all of Asia before spreading to other parts of the world. In the US, sales have gone up 60%, an impressive figure when compared to other beauty products. It is worthy to note that they do not exfoliate or cleanse the face. You’ll, therefore, have to supplement them with a skincare routine to see better results.

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